Vicar St Dublin Dates 19 Sep 2017

Tommy Tiernan returns to Vicar St, The Croke Park of comedy, in January with his brand new show Under The Influence. 21 years of rushing in where angels fear to tread have not slowed this performer down. If anything the glint in his eye is more mischievous than ever and his delight in making people laugh has increased. This new show is all about the heroism of everyday life and the huge effort it takes just to survive the ordinary. Dancing round the stage like a hunchbacked Mick Jagger and using language like the drunken offspring of Patrick Kavanagh and St Brigid, he weaves a tapestry of chaos, empathy and life loving wit. Funny true stories and wild imaginings go hand in hand in this latest offering from this particular failed priest. For your enjoyment only.

'Under The Influence' Vicar St Dates

Thu 5th Jan, Fri 6th Jan, Sat 7th Jan

Fri 13th Jan, Sat 14th Jan, Sun 15th Jan

Tickets go on sale Thursday 22nd September. Book online

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